Client: Forestry Commission
Project: Hilltop Trail Surfacing
Location: Wendover Woods, Bucks
Project commenced: March 2016
Project Completed: April 2016

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Wendover Woods is owned and managed by the Forestry Commission and provides a range of formal and informal recreational activities. There is a network of surfaced paths throughout the woodland together with a large car park and café. Wendover Woods receives very high visitor numbers especially during the summer holidays therefore the upkeep of the facilities is essential.
A feature of this site is the Hilltop Trail, which is an all ability path providing easy access for those with mobility problems. A tap rail also enables those with visual impairments to walk along the path. Over recent years this path has degraded making access difficult especially during wet weather, therefore a solution was required.

The Project

The aim was to restore this path so that wheelchair users, families with buggies and those with mobility problems and visual impairments could use this path safely.

Our Project management role

A.G.A. Group Consultancy took complete ownership of this project on behalf of the Forestry Commission. The contracting arm of A.G.A. Group completed the construction phase of this project therefore providing a full life cycle project management service for the client – from concept to completion.

Our service included:

• Working with the Forestry Commission to design a path specification that would provide a hardwearing surface but would also fit into a woodland setting

• Completing all Forestry Commission contract documents including Verbal and Written Quote Records, PCM (Pre Commencement Meeting) Gateway Forms and associated File Notes.

• Overseeing all aspects of the implementation stage including negotiating commencement dates, conducting Pre-start meetings and completing all contract monitoring to ensure compliance with health and safety legislation and project specification.