Client: Forestry Commission
Project: Preliminary Ground Level Roost Assessment
Location: Wendover Woods
Project commenced: June2016
Project Completed: June 2016

AGA Wendover bat roost case study


Wendover Woods, Buckinghamshire, is owned and managed by the Forestry Commission. Wendover Woods is located between the towns of Tring approximately 5km’s to the south west and Wendover approximately 2km’s to the north east./span>

The Project

A.G.A Group Consultancy was commissioned by the Forestry Commission to undertake a preliminary ground level roost assessment for bats. The assessment concentrated on the trees situated within a potential development foot print at Wendover Woods.

Our Project management role

A.G.A Group Consultancy conducted a preliminary ground level roost assessment survey. This involved a detailed inspection of the trees within the proposed development footprint from ground level. Each tree was inspected from all angles and from both close to the trunk and from further away. The whole tree was inspected with binoculars used to focus in on the canopy level of the tree. The aim of this approach is to look for and identify potential roost features (PRFs). These features could include:

  • Woodpecker holes
  • Rot holes
  • Cracks and splits in the stems or branches
  • Partially detached bark
  • Knot holes

A.G.A Group Consultancy provided the client with recommendations based upon the results of the survey.