Client: Forestry Commission
Project: Dormouse Survey
Location: Wendover Woods
Project commenced: July 2016
Project Completed: July 2016

AGA Dormouse tube


Wendover Woods is owned and managed by the Forestry Commission and provide a range of formal and informal recreational activities. The woodland is approximately 325 hectares and contains a mosaic of broadleaf woodland dominated by Beech and conifer plantations largely consisting of Larch, Spruce and Fir.

The Project

The Forestry Commission instructed A.G.A Group Consultancy to complete a survey of Wendover Woods with the purpose of establishing the likely presence or absence of dormouse. The survey methods used followed the national guidance set out in the Dormouse Conservation Handbook (2nd Edition), English Nature, 2006.

Our Role

The services A.G.A Group Consultancy provided to complete the survey included:

  • Firstly, a desktop study was conducted and all past recordings of dormouse within 100m and 1km of the Site boundary were noted.
  • Nest boxes and nest tubes were placed in clusters within suitable habitat around the Site boundary and the results were recorded.
  • Gnawed nut searches were conducted in conjunction with the other searches and the results were recorded.

To conclude, based on the results, it is highly probable that dormice are absent from the survey area. A.G.A Group Consultancy provided recommendations to encourage and establish a dormice population in Wendover Woods.