Client: Waterperry Woods
Project: Access Improvements
Location: Forestry Commission
Project commenced: March 2016
Project Completed: May 2016

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Waterperry Woods is a large block of woodland near Oxford with a network of grass paths and woodland rides. Over recent times these paths have degraded and have become unusable for both the public and the Forestry Commission resulting in the local community not being able to access and enjoy the woodland as well as preventing the Forestry Commission from completing some essential forestry management works.

The Project

The aim was to reinstate the existing network of grass paths and rides. This will allow access to Forestry Commission staff, easy access for essential management and to the local community wider enjoyment of the woodland.

Our Project management role

A.G.A. Group Consultancy took complete ownership of this project on behalf of the Forestry Commission providing a bespoke Project Management service, from ‘Concept to Completion’.

This service included:

• Obtaining three competitive quotes and appointing the most suitably qualified and cost effective contractor.

• Completing all Forestry Commission contract documents including Verbal and Written Quote Records, PCM (Pre Commencement Meeting) Gateway Forms and associated File Notes.

• Overseeing all aspects of the implementation stage including negotiating commencement dates, conducting Pre-start meetings and completing all contract monitoring to ensure compliance with health and safety legislation and project specification.

• Liaison between client and contractor to agree project completion.