Client: Studley Wood Golf Club
Project: Phase 1 Habitat Survey and
Protect Species Assessment

Location: Studley Wood Golf Club,
Horton-cum-Studley, Oxfordshire

Project commenced: March 2016
Project Completed: July 2016

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Studley Wood Golf Course is set in 177 acres of countryside located 6 miles from the centre of Oxford. The golf course is very diverse in terms of habitats outside of the managed areas of improved grasslands of the tee boxes, fairways and greens. Around the golf course there are 14 ponds of various sizes, together with hedgerows, rough unimproved grassland and 44 acres of ancient semi-natural woodland.

The Project

A.G.A. Group Consultancy was appointed by Studley Wood Golf Club to complete a Phase 1 Habitat Survey and detailed protected species assessment to provide baseline data for the golf course to inform future management.

Our Project management role

A.G.A. Group. Group Consultancy undertook ecological surveys following best practice and standard guidance providing the golf club with detailed information about the habitats and species associated with the course.
The process was as follows:

• Desk assessment to review existing documents, maps and data held by the relevant Biological Records Centre

• Field surveys to complete a Phase 1 Habitat Survey and to establish the likely presence and absence of protected species

• Following a Habitat Suitability Index study of the ponds a full Great Crested Newt survey was completed involving egg searches, bottle trapping and torching

• Detailed reports were completed for the client to include the findings from all the ecological surveys including Great Crested Newt Population Class Assessment together with management recommendations.