Client: Nicholsons Nurseries
Project: Fesibility study
Location: South Newington, Oxfordshire
Project commenced: May 2016
Project Completed: June 2016

20 Nicholsons Nurseries


The location of the proposed lake is situated within a field currently being used as a paddock and consists of short mown grass with a small area of wildflower meadow. The River Swere forms the southern and western boundary to the site and therefore needs to be considered as part of the construction of the new waterbody.

The Project

Nicholsons Nurseries instructed A.G.A Group Consultancy to complete a feasibility study which included a desk based assessment to establish the legal obligations would need to be secured prior to designing and constructing a lake.

Our Role

The services A.G.A Group Consultancy provided to complete this survey included the following:

  • A desk based assessment to consider the flood risk from the River Swere and the fact the proposed site is located within an area identified by the Environment Agency as Flood Zone 3. The assessment also considered the designated land. MAGIC and the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) Gateway was used to search for any possible ecological importance. It was concluded the proposed development would have no adverse impacts on protected sites, habitats and/or species.
  • The feasibility study required a topography survey. This involved noting the levels across the site where the proposed lake will be located. The purpose of this survey was to establish the existing levels and the finished levels post excavation.
  • A.G.A Group Consultancy provided the client with its legal obligations with regards to constructing a new water body.
  • Additionally, A.G.A Group Consultancy outlined the constraints and provided advice regarding different design options, lining options and habitat and landscaping. To conclude, a number of recommendations were given to the client to successfully secure permission to construct a new lake.