Fisheries Management

Our fisheries management division encompasses such aspects as water quality analysis, fish health examinations, nutritional requirements and stocking programs.

We conduct stock assessments using either seine netting or electro-fishing methodologies.
All health examinations are performed in accordance with Section 30 criteria and protocol of the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act 1975.

We plan and manage fisheries Biosecurity making sure that all eventualities are considered and nothing is left to chance, protecting fisheries against disease and invasive plant and animal species.

A.G.A Group Consultancy undertake a number of specific water quality tests in our head office laboratory guaranteeing quick results in the case of a pollution incident or other emergency working in tandem with the Environment Agency, DEFRA and Natural England.

  • Fisheries habitat design
  • Stock survey and assessment
  • Health assessment
  • Bio-security
  • Water Quality analyses
  • Predator management and Otter Fencing
  • EIA and mitigation design
  • Aquatic plants and weed control
  • COSH advice on herbicide, algaecide and aquatic fungicides
  • Pollution control
  • Fish pass design and specification
  • Fish removal
  • Electrofishing, seine netting

We offer consultation on all aspects of fishery management including, fish health examinations, nutritional requirements and stocking programmes. Our consultants will report on catch rates that are lower than expected and offer advice based on ‘sound science’ and if applicable compile full fishery management plans tailored the client’s needs.

Aquatic assessments and surveys are carried out primarily when the ecology (or some element of it) of a water body is not functioning correctly.

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