Client: Go Ape
Project: Ecological Scoping Survey
Location: Wendover Woods
Project commenced: April 2016
Project Completed: June 2016

1. GoApe

Go Ape is the UK’s largest Forest Adventure Company operating high wire courses in 29 locations set in some of the most picturesque woodlands. Go Ape is an expanding business developing further offers in the recreational sector including Forest Segway Courses, Zip Trekking and Tree Top Junior.

The Project

Go Ape operate a Tree Top Adventure Course within the Forestry Commission owned Wendover Woods, Bucks. The intention is to extend the existing course to include a Tree Top Junior Course.
A.G.A. Group Consultancy were approached and commissioned by Go Ape to complete an Ecological Scoping Survey as part of the planning application.

The role of A.G.A. Group Consultancy
Our consultants met with the client to establish the most appropriate survey that would be sufficient for their needs whilst providing the most cost effective approach, in this case an Ecological Scoping Survey.

Our consultants then completed the following stages:

• Desk based survey to establish the presence of any protected and notable species/habitats within a given radius. Data was obtained from the relevant Biological Records Centre and by utilising the National Biodiversity Network (NBN).

• Field survey to assess the site for any protected and notable species/habitats. A compilation of the existing species including flora, invertebrates, and birds was also completed

• Provide a detailed report to the client outlining all the findings of the desk and field assessments. The report also included a recommendation as to the impact of the proposed development on any protected and notable species with the associated mitigation measures, the legal status and best practice guidance.

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