Client:Centre Parcs
Project: Cascade Investigation
Location: Newark, Notts
Project commenced: June2016
Project Completed:

AGA Centre Parcs Cascade Investigation


The main lake at Centre Parcs, Longleat is a focal point of the village and hosts a number of water based activities and is therefore an important feature in terms of aesthetics and generating income. During recent times it was noted that the water level within the main lake was dropping and there was not sufficient water within the system to feed the cascade. Preliminary investigation works carrier out by Centra Parcs staff established one of the holding ponds lost a significant amount of water over a relatively short period of time but unsure why.

The Project

A.G.A Group Consultancy was commissioned by Centre Parcs to undertake investigation works at the Longleat Village to ascertain where water was being lost from the main lake and back via the cascade. The works were to include detailed investigations into the control structures and associated wetlands and outline remedial works to rectify the situation.

Our Role

In order to complete this project, A.G.A Group Consultancy provided the following services:

  • During the investigation, the holding ponds, cascade and culverts between the ponds were all visually inspected. Trial pits were also dug to establish the substrate and provide information regarding the position of the liner
  • The visual inspection revealed there were a number of issues that could attribute to the water loss. These include exposure of pond lining, bank erosion, possible blockage of the feeder pipe, as well as cracks in the cascade and culverts.
  • Once the investigation works were completed, recommendations were given to the client to remediate the current issues.