Client:Three River District Council
Project: Application of Aquabio and installation of Ultrasonic Technology.
Location: Rickmansworth Aquadrome
Project commenced: May 2016
Project Completed: August 2016

15 Rickmansworth


Rickmansworth Aquadrome is recognised as a Local Nature Reserve which supports a variety of wildlife, plants and habitat. It also has recreational importance to the local residents by providing paths to walk and water sports including fishing, windsurfing, sailing and water skiing. It has also been awarded the Green Flag Award since 2009.

The Project

A.G.A Group Consultancy responded to a tender published by Three Rivers District Council to provide a range of services associated with the control of blue/green algae at Rickmansworth Aquadrome. Subsequently, A.G.A Group Consultancy was appointed by Three Rivers District Council to apply A.G.A. AquaBio to Bury Lake twice a year and install two Ultrasonic units into Batchworth

Our Role

The services A.G.A Group Consultancy provided were as follow:

  • A.G.A. AquaBio was applied to Bury Lake in the spring and autumn. A.G.A. AquaBio helps to avoid partial decomposition of organic matter which subsequently increases the Biochemical Oxygen Demand of the hydrosoil.
  • Two ultrasonic units were installed within Batchworth Lake. This technology uses ultrasound to rupture the blue/green algae cell and therefore killing the algae. Only single celled organisms are affected, therefore it is completely safe for other species such as fish and aquatic invertebrates associated with the lake. Additionally, the unit collects water quality data which can then be broadcasted and analysed by a third party remotely.