A.G.A Ecology and
Land Management Consultants

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We have the expertise and talents to successfully complete project surveys to the highest standards. Find out about the surveys we provide.

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Find out more about what our consultancy can offer.  Our consultants can plan the most effective solutions required for most arboricultural undertakings.

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Life Cycle Project Management

We have the expertise and experienced in providing a range of management services, project support and planning advice.

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Aquatics Environs

We understand the working of fluvial ecosystems and fisheries. Our consultants will clearly identify and define problem and formulate specific solutions.

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Rural and Urban Environmental Consultancy

We provide prompt, effective ecology and land management consultancy services.

Our team of dedicated consultants are experts in the fields of Ecology, Land Management and Arboriculture. We have the expertise and talents within our practice and through existing relationships to successfully complete projects to the highest standards.

‘Concept to Completion’

Within our defined disciplines our teams:-

• Handle legislative issues with an understanding and awareness of how legislation impacts the clients’ project
• Format data to establish conditions relevant to the subject under review
• Interpret data and report its value and significance
• Identify and consider any potential contaminant sources that could have an adverse impact
• Complete detailed report writing, for interpretation by non-technical parties
• Communicate in the round with clients, regulators and sub-contractors

Real Support. Real People.

We know what it’s like to need support. Our philosophy is to treat you as we would like to be treated.